Faucet and fixture


Installing Your Shower and Bathtub

  • Install all piping before installing the tub itself.
  • Lower the tub into place so that the continuous flange fits against the wall studs and rests on supports. Anchor the tub to the enclosure with nails or screws inserted through the flanges into the studs.
  • Assemble the drain connections by connecting the tub overflow with the tub drain ABOVE the trap, not beyond it. The trap will have a compression fitting that screw over the arm of the overflow assembly.
  • Hot and cold water lines are run to the tub/shower mixing valve where they are attached, usually by, sweating these directly into the hot and cold ports of the mixing valve.
  • Run a pipe up the wall for the shower head. On the top of this pipe, sweat on a brass female threaded winged fitting that is nailed or screwed into a framing support.
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