Plumbing installation


When installing a Fiberglass Bath and Shower Unit there is a couple of tips Johnson Plumbing and Heating homeowner can do to help ensure a quieter and better looking finished bathroom.
Use insulation as a noise filter to deaden the sound of falling water. First, insulation is on the floor where the Bath and Shower unit will be installed. This is particularly important for upstairs bathrooms. Second, insulation between the wall studs where the Bath and Shower unit will rest up against. Future having sound asleep occupants of neighboring bedrooms will thank you.
Normally the Bath and Shower Unit is secured with Nails or Screws near the edge of the unit. The thickness of the Unit is approximately 1/8 inch thick. By using narrow strips of Asphalt shingles you can help smooth the transition from the edge of the Unit to the surrounding Stud edge surface, thus creating a more finished wall appearance when the sheetrock is applied.

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