New construction


When it is time for remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, auxiliary sink, or bar sink or any other fixture it may be the right time for new construction plumbing.
For kitchens you may want to add an extra sink or an island sink. Island sinks require loop vents. Stoves and ovens require gas lines. Laundry sinks and laundry drains can be relocated. It is recommended that laundry locations be on the bottom floor or in the garage. Washing machines seem to invite problems with drains, hoses, and mechanical breakdowns. Those problems usually result in a flood and water damage. A laundry flood on the top floor floods all of the stories below. If you insist on having laundry on a top floor you can install the laundry on a watertight floor that has a water dam and a sloped floor and a floor drain. Always check with Johnson Plumbing and Heating plumber before you start a plumbing project.

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